Straight Fabric Display Stands

Straight Fabric Display Stands

Choose a size and start to attract customers to your storefront or passers-by to your big community event. They are easy to move around to set up in the perfect spot every time.

Find a nice size and colours to garner a lot of attention. The Pointed Fabric Display Stand will get your message out to your target audience. These stands are tough in all types of weather. Contact us today to share you design or let’s work on a new one for you.

Durable and Lightweight frames make them easily portable

The size and colours are sure to garner a lot of attention, while the lightweight fabric and frames make them very easy to transport, set up and take down.  The straight fabric display stand can be moved around your set up to best fit your needs and attract the most attention and get your message out to your target audience.  The fabric material allows the display to withstand some weather conditions and has some stretch making it more durable than the traditional displays.

Custom Designs 

TALLMAN.PROMO offers unique custom designs if you need help deciding what looks best on your display.  A custom designed straight fabric display will make you stand out and get the attention you are looking for. Together we cab create a great straight stand for all your events. Designed with you in mind, we are sure to get you the design you need for all your events. Contact us to learn more about our straight stand or any other display we produce.

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Product Pricing

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There are three sizing options for the straight fabric display stand as listed below

  1. 61cm x 228cm
  2. 91.5cm x 228cm
  3. 122cm x 228cm
This product is done using sublimation printing methods. For more information check printing methods
Straight fabric display stands are made from a combination of 210g Elastic Knitted, 250g Soft Knitted, and 260g Elastic Knitted polyester.
straight fabric display stand artwork template

straight fabric display stand artwork template

The straight fabric banner is offered in three sizes all using the same hardware and materials.

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