Which style is for you? 

Choose between a single and double sided flag depending on your intended use of the flag.  They can make a huge difference with regards to the lifespan and quality of the flag.  All flags are made with high quality materials and production methods.


Single sided flags

Single sided flag

Single sided flags displays the design on one side of the material only. Meaning the reverse of the desired design will be shown on the opposite side of the flag.  Single sided flag are offered at a lower price point and lighter weight allowing it to flow easier in the wind.  However the lightweight may not be ideal for some outdoor conditions or intended usages. For quotes or designs contact TALLMAN.PROMO directly.  Get your next flag done exactly the way you want it!


Double sided flags

Double sided flag

Double-sided flags allow for optimal viewing for your audience. Ensuring the message is not missed because they couldn’t read what the flag was displaying.  A double-sided flag is two separate flags sewn together and containing block out material in between to ensure you get the same design on both sides.  Additionally the two sided flag prevents the opposite side of the flag from being visible and ensures none of the print dye bleeds through.  Double-sided flags have a higher price point because they contain more material and are more heavy duty suited for outdoor use.  TALLMAN.PROMO is happy to work with you and your design or design a flag for you.  Get your next double sided flag from TALLMAN.PROMO and wave it proudly.

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