Bowed Feather Flags

The Bowed Feather Flag has a Unique Shape

The Bowed Feather Flag stands out from the rest because of its unique shape. These flags are sometimes known as “S” flags because of their “S-like” figure and shape. Its pointy top and large curved bottom will guarantee another look from passersby.  All the curves are in the right place.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

TALLMAN.PROMO flags are made out of strong and long lasting material.  We ensure your flag is able to withstand UV rays, wind and rain.

Just The Way You Want it

We understand that a simple flag may not be what you are looking for, but we can offer multiple ways to customize your order.  A unique flag is always eye-catching and a great way to stand out in a busy crowd.

Choose different sizes, shapes or customize your flag with your own logo or image. We have a selection of various poles and bases for you to choose. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at TALLMAN.PROMO.

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Product Pricing

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Bowed-Flag-tmp-size copy

Bowed-Flag-tmp-size copy

This product can be printed with a dye sublimation process.  For more information, visit our Production Methods page.
There are two different types of flagpoles available for bowed flags. Aluminum and fiberglass poles are available to fit your event needs.
Bowed flag tmp template

Bowed flag tmp template

This flag comes with the option of single or double sided print.  For more specific information visit the the ‘single or double sided ‘page.
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