Celebrate and show Recognition with Medals

Tallman promotions medals allow you to celebrate accomplishments and fun times.  Any kind of medal is a great way to generate enthusiasm and a fun way to reward an individual or team for their efforts.  If you are looking for a great way to celebrate and show off your efforts a Tallman Promo medals are what you need for your next event.

Light weight and durable.

Tallman promotions medals are lightweight yet very durable to ensure they are good for any audience and safe from being easily damaged.  The light weight design ensures they can be used for any target audience and are easy to transport anywhere.  The durability allows the medals to be handled by anyone knowing should it have a drop or fall the medal will remain intact. A Tallman Promo medal is great for everyone and sure to last for multiple events, allowing you to keep the celebration going.

Custom design

Tallman promotions offers custom design for your nedals.  This allows you to put your Logo and or the name of the event on the medal as well as custom shapes and lanyard designs.  Custom medals are a great way to show recognition at any event or for any accomplishment.


Product Pricing

Please contact us for pricing.

Templates are available upon request.

This product can be printed with a dye sublimation process.  For more information, visit our Production Methods page.


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