Posters Advertise your next event with a custom printed poster from TallMan.Promo. Posters re a great way to advertise, allowing you to place information about your event on almost any surface. Send us your design or have us design your posters for you. For any custom...

Big Cheque

Big Cheque Big cheques are a unique way to show appreciation at fundraisers, events, and so much more to showcase your generosity or award.  Big cheques are a great crowd pleaser garnering a lot of attention to give away a display.  They are lightweight and easy to...

Photo Frame

Photo Frame Photo frames are a unique idea for various events to advertise your social media pages.  Photo frames engage your audience and allow them to interact with your brand by taking a photo and sharing to interact with your target audience. Photo frames are...

Pole Banners

Pole Banners Pole Banner Pole banner flags are a great way to advertise on any pole.  They are great for showcasing special events, sales, promotions, new cars, new offers and so much more.  The easy to install pole banners are placed on light fixtures and various...

Unique Signage

Unique Signage BigCheque Tabletop A-frame Share your message effectively by displaying your information and logo clearly on the top of your display table. The tabletop a-frame is unique because it is light weight and folds down making it easy to transport. Advertising...


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