8 Leg Protego Dome

Easy to Blow Up Continuous Air Dome

8 leg Protego inflatable continuous air dome might seem a little intimidating at first, however I can assure you that it creates a great venue for branding as well as providing a unique and welcoming portable shelter. Protego domes are sturdy, and heavy, so with some straps your inflatable is staying in one place with no room to give. These inflatable domes do require continuous air supply however, and the Canadian Certified blower is in included in the price. Electricity is required, but there is never any worry about leaks and discontinuation of the tent at your event. You plug in the blower and the inflatable is ready to go within minutes.

Effective and Essential Branding

It is important to us that your dome has all the right branding it needs. We want all your slogans or any other branding that you may have as visible and large as possible! There are available different sizes for our 8 leg domes. We want to sure your dome is exactly the way you want it! Great for trade shows or any other unique or epic event. With 8 legs this can allow for very good stability for the inflatable. Complete branding of your continuous air diome will definitely get your protego dome remembered!

They are packaged in one easy-to-handle carrying case, convenient for storage. The inflatable frame is made from a printable polyester for complete cover of artwork and custom colours.

Product Pricing

Please contact us for pricing.

Our continuous air dome tent come in various sizes.

The three sizes available are: 30ft, 40ft, 50ft

Templates are available upon request.

The dome is printed on polyester and the frame is made of sturdy PVC.

This product can be printed with a dye sublimation process.  For more information, visit our Production Methods page.

Any part of the dome can be covered. The outside and inside can have custom artwork.

The Canadian Certified blower is industry standard and certainly will not let you down! The blower is included in the price.

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